This blog is all about Participation.  The more participation I can get from this site the better.  I encourage anyone who has any thoughts or comments to share to do so.  While I always hope for reasonable, courteous comments, I am encouraging people to give another perspective or kindly object to something I say.  That being said, if a comment is made, I will take it to mean that you would like to discuss it and will therefore respond.  My goal is to have this be a place serious thought and exchange of ideas while still having a little fun.


One comment on “Participation

  1. Clives S. L says:

    So I’ve stumbled upon your blog, and am greatly interested in what you have to say. Furthermore, although I am sure (from what I’ve read of your writing) that I won’t disagree with much of what you have to say, I am excited for the challenge; and therefore am asking (in all manner of politeness) that you might start writing again! You’ll have at least one guaranteed reader in me.


    *Clives is a pseudonym

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