Escaping Bad Luck: Friday the 13th

Today causes many people to worry.  It is the subject of much superstitious belief.  Today is Friday the thirteenth.  What many people don’t realize is how easy it is to avoid bad luck on such days as this.  Here are some practical suggestions as to how to increase your chances of having a good rest of today.

1:  Break your mirror so that you won’t have issues with bad hair days, not looking good in your outfit etc.

2:  Give every black cat you see a good rub down so they won’t follow you around, and get in your way.

3:  Try to shoot all the magpies in your yard because they make a mess and are incredibly obnoxious.

4:  Make sure you invite enough people at dinner to fill thirteen places at the table.  Thirteen is just he right number for good table discussion.

5:  Yawn without covering your mouth.  Contrary to popular opinion, ghosts are scared of nasty human teeth.

6:  Refuse to eat fish today.  All fish have an internal clock that tells them when Friday the thirteenth is and they release toxins onto their blood streams.

7:  Wash your sheets today.  I don’t know why.  It just seems like a good idea.

8:  Walk under as many ladders as possible.  The angled and slated design is excellent for shedding falling objects while still providing reasonable visibility.

The last and most important way to avoid having bad luck is to realize that “luck” doesn’t exist.  It is as impossible to not have something that doesn’t exist, as it is to have something that doesn’t exist.  (Or to have bad something that doesn’t exist, depending on how you look at it.)

Hope you find these helpful little tips to be useful and have a great rest of today, now that you’re safe from nothing.


~Wyatt FairleadBlack Cat and Broken Mirror


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