Naturally Problematic


I saw this picture the other day and I couldn’t help but start to think. I laughed, but my wheels just started to spin. Why is this funny? Because we as humans can’t help what we think about, or dream about. There is part of us that we simply can’t control. Our nature, our essence, what we are. This is the part of us that we never had a say in, and that we still don’t. I began to think about human nature, how often the decisions we make have unintended and unfortunate consequences. How often we are blinded by our own ambitions and desires, not even realizing that we are hurting others in the process. There is something about human nature that tends toward trouble. Benjamin Franklin is reputed to have said, “if a man could have half of his wishes, he would double his troubles.” That is because we don’t know what is good for us. We are so focused on what we desire, that we loose the big picture. I realize that this is somewhat of a ramble, but I have been musing on this, and it had to come out.

~Wyatt Fairlead


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