Wyatt Fairlead

I am an interesting character. (Or so I’m told.) I live on the East coast, which is where I was born, but have lived in many places out West. I love the woods and nature and generally consider myself an outdoor sort of person. Not too bad so far, but here ends my “normalness”. To begin with, I am one of those, “poorly socialized home schoolers” and enjoying it immensely! I come from a wonderful family and have been supported despite my irregularities. I have been told that I am a naturally analytical person with a liberal dose of the “the artistic temperament”. It is up to you to try and combine those two things. My goal for this blog is that I get as much feed back as I can through comments. This can be questions, objections, or other related thoughts. Please feel free to comment, especially if you have a different perspective that you would like to discuss.
Also, I think I should say that Wyatt Fairlead is a pen name not my real name. I did it purely because I thought it would be fun. With this giving a little perspective, I hope you will now be able to better understand the material on this blog. Enjoy!!


One comment on “Wyatt Fairlead

  1. Clives S. L says:

    You have a very interesting, and quite informative bio. Thank you Wyatt for sharing! I think that being naturally analytic and of the artistic variety is not irregular (at least to the likes of me), and will most certainly provide entertaining and engaging interactions in future writings. And quite frankly, I look forward to the challenge, if you would, of the “irregular”. So bring it on, Sir!


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