Hard Knocks

Well, I thought I would post this poem by Edgar A. Guest, partly because it is really good, partly because I haven’t posted one in a while, but truth be told, mostly because I wanted to put something on, but I am not feeling very original at the moment.  So without further ado, here ‘tis.


Hard Knocks

            -Edgar A. Guest

I’m not the man to say that failure’s sweet,

Nor tell a chap to laugh when things go wrong;

I know it hurts to have to take defeat

An’ no one likes to loose before a throng;

It isn’t very pleasant not to win

When you have done the very best you could;

But if you’re down, get up and buckle in-

A lickin’ often does a fellow good.

I’ve seen some chaps who never knew their power

Until somebody knocked ‘em to the floor;

I’ve known men who discovered in an hour

A courage they had never shown before.

I’ve seen ‘em rise from failure to the top

By doin’ things they hadn’t understood

Before the day disaster made ‘em drop-

A lickin’ often does a fellow good.

Success is not the teacher, wise an’ true,

That gruff old failure is, remember that;

She’s much too apt to make a fool of you,

Which isn’t true of blows that knock you flat.

Hard knocks are painful things an’ hard to bear,

An’ most of us would dodge ‘em if we could;

There’s something mighty broadening in care-

A lickin’ often does a fellow good.

-Wyatt Fairlead


One comment on “Hard Knocks

  1. Definitely would be inclined to agree with the poem. For me, the times when I’m most motivated, inspired,close to God etc.. is after i’ve had a good “hard knock” or even a “linkin'” . Usually those hard knocks are of my own doing. But anyway, No one really likes those hard times, knocks, or lickin’s, but often they add valuable perspective (although usually not right off.) haha.
    Thanks for your unoriginality. Good poem.

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